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Who we are


piscina-2Camilla Country House came about from the idea of a few friends that were fascinated by the old farmhouse, and the panorama enjoyed by the surrounding property. They wanted to create a business that not only allowed them to feel immersed in the beautiful countryside, but at the same time, to create a truly welcoming and, convivial place that shares in their love of nature.
With a careful eye to safeguarding the architectural characteristics of the structure, and after patient restructuring work, lasting about three years, the idea began to take shape.
The restoration was particularly complex due to the choice of the materials used, the innovative solutions taken while preserving the Casale’s more authentic spirit and nature, and ensuring the compliance with envrironmental living standards and the reduction of energy consumption.

Vista frontale Camilla

The plans correspond to the highest technological standards. The choice of design was to maintain the existing volumes with their original semplicity and in harmony with the original context .

All interior and exterior components are designed with great passion and reflect a sense of elegance and architectural care. An important element is the large, well-kept garden and the pool with relaxation area, making it an ideal place to relax in the open air.

The property is located on land belonging to the Conti Costaguti, and is not far from the tiny village of Sipicciano, in Tuscia Viterbese. The Camilla Country House is in a panoramic position and opens towards an extended valley without any physical constraints, and an open view without constraints.
The farmhouse itself has two floors, on the ground floor there is the living room with fireplace, four rooms, a professional kitchen and a dining room which leads to a large terrace that overlooks the surrounding countryside. On the first floor, there is the suite consisting of two rooms, a living room and a small kitchenette. From these rooms you can enjoy wonderful panoramic views.

La Porta - Dettaglio LettoGreat care has been given to the furnishings of the rooms, the living areas, and all environments of the structure. Each room has its own personalized style, distinguishable by the decor: every item of furniture, as well as the vintage furnishings, have been chosen to impress, and to make each room unique and unmistakable, being suitable for every kind of occasion.
To complete the service that we offer to our guests, the facility has been equipped with a modern restaurant that can accommodate up to 40 people inside, and another 30 on the outdoor terraces. The dining room has been furnished with great simplicity and is well suited to the everyday activities of a Country House for guests, but can also be easily converted to cater for special events such as birthdays, dinners between groups of friends, and other such occasions. The kitchen is both modern and functional, using innovative equipment and lends itself perfectly to the imagination of our chefs in the preparation of tasty dishes.

Outside Equipment

Swimming pool and relaxation area

The swimming pool is located in a secluded area of the garden, and remains outside the view of onlookers, ensuring privcacy is maintained. Its position means that it opens onto a wide and unlimited panorama. The adjacent relaxation zone is functional, and lends itself to events and other convivial moments.

Wood oven

In the courtyard in front of the main façade of the Casale, there is the old wood fired oven, from which can be baked, not only bread, cakes and pizza, but also whole pigs and roasts of every kind.

Steel oven with table in peperino

In this area you can organize dinners and snacks in the open air without sacrificing the pleasure of cooking quickly and effortlessly ,the dishes cooked with a modern wood-burning oven.

Restaurant and Kitchen

At Camilla Country house there is a breakfast and dining service where our guests, can not only enjoy the dishes of Italian cuisine, but also enjoy the gastronomic traditions of Viterbo, Sardinian and other specialties all prepared with genuine products from our own farm and lands.

Agricultural Activities of Camilla

The farm

The didactic farm, that is located at the edge of the property, is one of the focal points of the structure and hosts a pair of donkeys: Camilla and Edo; A growing number of white and Toulouse geese, as well as small flock of Suffolk breed sheep.

The Orchard

Directly to the rear of the Casale, in 2012 we planted 40 fruit trees of different species, each with their own qualities. This enables us to harvest fruits during various periods of the year: almonds, apples, pears, figs, peaches, apricots are a few examples. Although still young, the orchard already gives us excellent quality products that can be enjoyed by our guests, and during the spring becomes a true demonstration of the glory of nature at work.


Lastly, but certainly not for being any less important, there is our vegetable garden. Its abundant products, especially during the summer, are responsible for forming the basis of our homemade recipes.


The land is predominently given over for the cultivation of olive groves and has about 150 trees, almost all of which are in production. From these, we obtain a particularly light and fragrant oil that is used in the preparation of our dishes.


At the northern end of the estate, right on the borders with the surrounding woods, are where our hives are located, and from which we get an annual supply of wonderful honey.


Approximately three years ago a truffle was planted with 200 mycorrhizated swarms, which are growing regularly and in a few years will give us great products, typical of this area. To appreciate the truffles, we will be ably assisted by our beautiful dog Luna, a smart and expressly trained dog that, guided by the experience of our collaborators, has already sought out many magnificent and fragrant specimens in the surrounding forests.