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Our Services

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To make your stay at Camilla Country House the most enjoyable and as interesting as possible, in addition to the room service provided directly by the Camilla staff, with their utmost care and attention to detail, we can also offer a range of services provided by external operators with whom we have a great relationship.


News Service and Magazines

For customers who desire it, a newspaper and magazine delivery service can be requested. In the same way, the customer may ask for other products that can not be purchased in the nearby residential center as they require (medicines and other such products). We are happy to cater for your ervey need.

Personal care

In the nearby village of Sipicciano, there is the “Cristina” beauty centre where all the benefits related to the care of the person will be provided with the utmost professionalism and care of highly specialized staff: massages, facials and body treatments, with a solarium etc. . Many treatments can be made directly at the Camilla Country House, in your room so you have no need to move anywhere.

Shuttle service and Taxi

To facilitate the movement of our carless guests to and from Camilla Country House, we can provide a shuttle service on request that connects the stations of Viterbo and Attigliano with our Casale. In addition, there is an excellent and reliable taxi service, and a car with a driver that can also be organised.

Guided Tours

Tuscia, with its small towns and cities, its archaeological sites and its natural beauties, is of extraordinary interest to the traveller who is passing through. To help our guests discover the many fascinating sites of this region, we work with local organizations that specialize in delivering touristic activities in the territory of Viterbo.